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Pine Saw Fly, aka "Worms Eating My Pine Tree"


European Pine Sawfly


While it is called Pine Saw-fly , it causes damage while in its larval stage.  The larva are found in mass on pine.  They eat the pine needles from the tip down. If something is eating your pine trees, these worms might be the culprits.

How to Diagnose: The mature larvae have shiny black heads and are grayish-green. They have a light stripe down the middle of their back, and a light stripe along each side followed by a dark green stripe running parallel down the length of their body. Newly hatched larvae are 1/8" long but measure one inch long when mature. The adults are brownish black and wasp-like. The cream colored eggs are deposited by the female in the current season's needles, but are not easily seen until they increase in size just prior to larvae emergence in spring.


Symptoms:  Mass quantities of greenish-grey larva w/black heads, missing needles.

Recommendation:  We recommend using Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew – it is a great biorational insecticide that will effectively kill sawflay with minimal damage to beneficial insects and the environment.  Eight is a chemical insecticide from Bonide that will also kill them. 



How am I to apply these insecticides in mature trees that are 60ft tall? What will happen to the trees if they are untreated?
Posted @ Wednesday, May 21, 2014 3:11 PM by Keri Luttrell
Hello, this has happened to 4 of my shrubs this spring 22015, I've lived here at my house for 8 years now and never had a problem until this year when I noticed that all the needles were falling off or brown, when i started to look closely and inspect the scrubs, i seen exactly what you just seen in the photos, pretty disgusting and ugly in person, but there were hundreds of them, everywhere it seems like, This was just a day ago but i went out and got a huge 2 gallon of bug spray with a sprayer and hit them all over good, but ifs funny they all start to squirm and wiggle, and eventually started falling off like flies, then if started to rain, more like pour... so i plan on spraying again today, but my question is, does anyone know if the schrubs/evergreens grow back or are they too far gone i wonder, it's hit or miss about 50/50 green and brown spots, very upset james, please help if you can? Thanks
Posted @ Tuesday, May 12, 2015 8:56 AM by James Stierwalt
Posted @ Monday, May 25, 2015 7:10 PM by HOLLY
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